Dow Jones Focus Group Review


Anyone familiar with investing in the financial markets – be it Forex, Binary Options or traditional Stock Market trading will know that there are numerous signal providers, trading robots, auto-traders, semi auto-traders, trading groups and expert advisors all making promises of untold riches and to make you an overnight millionaire. However, every once in a while something comes along or you’ll catch word of something that is so different, so unique and apparently so successful, that it simply HAS to be checked out. This was the case with the DOW JONES FOCUS GROUP. A friend of mine from a forex skype group I’m a member of, was part of DOW JONES FOCUS GROUP in 2014 and could not stop singing its praises, banking about $11k after just over a month of being a member. So when I received an invite to be part of the 2015 group, I needed to give it a go and see what the fuss is all about


What is it?

The Dow Jones Focus Group is a large established market research company that basically tests products with consumers for a wide variety companies in a number of different fields. They appear to have been involved with high profile products such as Angry Birds, Pepsi Cola and award winning TV Show Breaking Bad.

Now, The Dow Jones Focus Group are running their 2nd set of tests for the EQUINOX trading software; owned and developed by the Dow Jones Index itself. Having run their first focus group last year for a 45-day limited period, this time around, the focus group has been opened for a 90-day limited period, designed for the complete novice and again free to use with the only stipulation being, that you have to fill out a full questionnaire after the 90 days to report on your experience with the software.


Dow-Jones-Focus-Group- Results

Dow-Jones-Focus-Group- Results


How Does it Work?

The Equinox software is remarkably easy to install, set up and use. It is connected to an established and reputable binary options company and for those unaware of binary options trading – it is the fastest growing online activity worldwide, having been made available to the general public by the SEC in 2007. Since then, its simplicity and profitability has seen binary options trading overtake traditional Forex and Stock Market investing as the most popular method of trading the financial markets.

Once the software is connected and your account with the broker funded ($250) you have two choices – to either let the software make the trades by itself, or for you to make the trades yourself. The sensible option with ALL trading robots, if available, is to make the trade yourself. This way, you control the robot, you control the trades and only you control the amounts invested.

Making a trade could really not be any easier with the Equinox software. You get given a number of trade options and it’s up to you to select what trades to make and how much to invest. Simply select the amount you want to invest and click a button.

Dow Jones Focus Group Review


Does it Work?

In a word…. YES.

I have been using the software for 17 out of the 90 available days and so far I have earned $6748. Don’t get me wrong, the EQUINOX software does not have a 100% success that as that is impossible. There are too many variables in any given trade for that to happen. However, over the last 17 days I have placing around $25-$150 per trade, choosing the trades myself, being varied in my choices (stocks and currencies mainly) and getting an approximate “in-the-money” win rate of just under 90%, which shows no signs of abating!

Out of the $6748 earnt so far, I have withdrawn $4.5k and already spent $2k of that on a holiday for me and my family. The withdrawal process with easy, hassle free and sent back to my bank account within 3 working days. I have heard a few horror stories about withdrawals not being honoured, on top of the countless horror stories about trading software that loses your money within hours, but I am more than happy to report that neither apply to my experience with the DOW JONES FOCUS GROUP and the EQUINOX Software and my time so far using it has been the most profitable of my life!




Over the years, I’ve tried more trading systems and more trading robots than I care to mention, each with varying degrees of success and/or failure (mainly failure!). And, I can say, hand on heart that this Equinox software is like nothing else I have ever come across. Ok, I haven’t yet completed the 90 days and I haven’t completed the end of trial questionnaire, BUT from my friend’s experience last year and conversations with Jeff (he DOES exist and has been there every step of the way for me), the 30-40 mins needed to complete the questionnaire is a tiny sacrifice to make for the thousands of dollars generated in profit which I get to take home!

With $6748 earned and $4500 already withdrawn to my bank account, I am incredibly grateful to Jeff, the DOW JONES FOCUS GROUP and EQUINOX software for giving me the opportunity to part of this amazing and lucrative experience. If you are lucky enough to be given the opportunity to apply for this, like I was this year and my friend was the year before, then grab this opportunity with both hands.

The ‘in-the-money’ win rate is consistently astonishing, and the beauty of it is…absolutely ANYBODY can make serious money with this software…no financial knowledge or trading experience necessary and the money you make… is all YOURS! I feel privileged to be part of this and if you get the opportunity to be part of this too… grab it with both hands!

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